User Generated Content Benefits

Site CommentsGrowth is the most important factor in the development of your site. I mean, let’s face it. The only way your site is going to achieve noticeable rankings and thus bring in revenue is through your contributions. However; something you may not have realized is the contributions of your visitors. Think about it… Your visitors came to your site in search of valuable content either to find answers to their questions or to sometimes provide their own viewpoints. This is why forums maintain the interest of their visitors. People want to interact. All you have to do is provide them with the means to add content. Because of all of the postings on forums, a particular forum may contain thousands of web pages. The owner of the forum only has to moderate and do some housekeeping in order to continually profit from Adsense and other advertising strategies through affiliate programs. Now I know that you may have considered placing a forum on your site in the past and thought, “This is going to be quite a headache since I’m going to have to moderate everything myself.” Well, there are other options. Look at for example. Their website currently has 228,000 indexed web pages on Google and is still continuing to grow. Why? Because their web pages are all user generated. Granted there are still some housekeeping operations to be carried out, but the profits being generated by the ads on those pages is well worth the effort. may be an extreme case of user generated content, but let’s look at some other alternatives. First off, you could place a Blog on your site such as this one. Visitors can leave remarks and comments to each posting and guess what? That’s user generated content as well. Additionally, you gain traffic benefits as well as the user generated content on your site. Another option is the use of a site commenting software such as Site Comments. With this tool, your visitors can leave a testimonial, opinion, or even beneficial information to your other visitors; all of which are forms of user generated content. Site Comments is an outstanding tool, which can allow your visitors to post comments about, well... anything. A great application of this product is placement on your product promotion pages. My product reviews and presells almost all have this script on them to provide not only user generated content, but also testimonials and reviews from visitors. This dramatically improves my conversions and profits. Additionally, Site Comments is very user friendly and simple to install. It took me just a few minutes to install and load the script onto my pages. You have many tasks to accomplish on a daily basis. If you take anything from this, at least notice the benefit of having other people periodically contribute to the growth of your website. This will free up some more of your time to work on other tasks online.

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